Aim of the Hellenic Agricultural Academy
To study towards a better understanding and resolution, on both national and international levels of every subject of a scientific, technical, financial or social nature concerning agriculture, agricultural products and foods, forestry and forest products, the environment and ecology, agricultural and rural population natural resources and the management of rural areas, with regard to the sustainability of natural resources, well-being of humans- farm animals and birds.
The contribution towards intellectual enhancement and development of cooperation among members.
The provision of scientific assistance towards members and national bodies, especially those regarding agricultural animal, agricultural plant and forest production and its related products, as well as to those responsible for the protection of the environment.
The advancement of related research and technological activities.
The following are a sample of the means by which the Academy achieves its aims:
The exchange of views and coordination of works between scientists and the scientific organisations relative to the Academy’s aims, both at home and abroad for all the subjects relative to agriculture, food, forestry and the environment in general Planning and support of research projects and studies

The organising of scientific meetings, lectures, seminars, exhibitions and participation in national and international congresses

The conduct of research, the development of studies, newsletters and scientific publications

The publishing of various printed materials featuring announcements, scientific articles by members or other scientists as well as conclusions of scientific discussions, studies and research conducted by the academy and those which, in general , make reference to the fields of study with which the Academy is concerned

The participation in Greece and internationally in scientific congresses, organisations and committees relative to the subjects of interest and the aims of the Academy The study of specific problems affecting Greek and international agriculture, food and the environment

The development of relations with other similar scientific societies and foundations in Greece and abroad

The participation of the Academy as a member of the Union of the European Academies for Sciences Applied to Agriculture, Food and Nature as well as in other existing or future international organisations

The interest towards fostering closer relations with these organisations and specialist scientists at home or abroad

The application of every legal measure that, with the approval of the governing council, promotes the aims of the Academy