Constitution of the Members of the Agricultural Academy of Greece
Full Members
Full Members are named from the ranks of scientists who must also be Greek nationals who satisfy all the relative membership requirements.
Honorary Members
Honorary members are proposed by the Academic Council following a decision of the General Assembly and may include Greek or foreign scientists who have offered exceptional service to those fields of interest to the Academy, to science and to society, in general, in Greece or abroad. Honorary members are exempt from every financial obligation to the Academy, may participate in all activities and attend the General Assembly meetings as observers, except for those addressing elections or discussions concerning candidacy of members. They also do not have the right to vote in General Assemblies nor to elect or stand for election as members of the Society.
Corresponding Members
A corresponding member may be inscribed if he/she contributes actively to those fields of study relative to the purposes of the Academy or is generally interested in its works and wishes to contribute to its success and if the conditions required for his/her inscription as a full member have not been fulfilled. Inscription of the corresponding member may be granted by decision of the General Assembly following a proposal by the Academic Committee. Corresponding members have the same financial obligations as full members, may not elect or be eligible for election, are classified in one of the departments of the Society, and may participate in the General Assembly meetings as observers except for those addressing elections or holding discussions regarding candidacy of members, in which only full members may participate. They may take part in all other activities of the Society.